Adelsheim Vineyards Wine & Cheese Pairing Tasting Box


Rogue Creamery has partnered with Adelsheim Vineyards to bring you a special selection of three wines and cheeses, chosen to pair perfectly with one another. We picked our Rogue’s Mary herbed cheddar to accompany the Adelsheim Pinot Blanc, Chocolate Stout beer cheddar alongside the Ribbon Springs Chardonnay, and our Smokey Blue cheese to pair with the Adelsheim Syrah.

This 3-cheese collection is available only to Adelsheim Vineyards customers! We’re grateful to Adelsheim for their partnership and are pleased to offer you 10% off your purchase. To save, please use the coupon code ADELSHEIM2021 at checkout (coupon expires 1/22/21).

Box Includes: 6.5oz Organic Smokey Blue Cheese, 8oz Organic Rogue’s Mary Cheddar, and 8oz Organic Chocolate Stout Cheddar.


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