Dairyngly Bold


Meet our new gift basket filled with delicious extra-aged favorites: Dairyngly Bold. This limited gift is your chance to try our sharpest, most complex cheeses-full of flavor and texture! With this gift you will enjoy our 2016 Rogue River Blue (aged 5 years developing robust, complex layers of aromatics), Mount Mazama Cheddar (a staff favorite aged 5 years made with 20% goat’s milk and 80% cows milk), and Cheese is Love Cheddar (aged 3 years offering sharp, nutty, and complex flavors). When tasting bold cheeses, we like to pair it will a sweet offering such as Effie’s Oatcakes and Jacobsen Co. Honey Sticks to create the perfect, balanced bite.

Insider tip: Extra-mature cheeses such as these three generally have stronger flavor profiles than cheeses with less age. We recommend pairings with similar levels of intensity: an aged Tawny Port will bring out the sweet and nutty flavors in any of these cheeses, particularly shining next to the Reserve Rogue River Blue. Both cheddars are delightful with an earthy Oregon Pinot Noir, Syrah, or Rhone blend. For a beer pairing, try a pint with a malty backbone, darker color, and deep flavors. Stouts and Porters are a great place to start!

*Cheese is Love Cheddar purchased in this gift pack will be matched with a donation by Rogue Creamery to local nonprofits. https://roguecreamery.com/CHEESEISLOVE/

Items include: 1/8th wedge (10 oz) 2016 Rogue River Blue, 8oz Mount Mazama Cheddar, 8oz Cheese is Love Cheddar, Effie’s Original Oatcakes, Jacobsen Co. Honey Sticks (10 pack)


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