Echo Mountain Blue



August is National Goat Cheese Month, and in its honor we’ve brought back this delicious staff favorite – only available on our website!

Echo Mountain Blue’s montage of complex flavors come from blending cow and goat milk in the recipe. Its profile is rich, fruity, spicy, and tangy. It has a soft, spreadable texture with a silky smooth mouth feel and lingering finish. Extended cave-aging means this cheese is more potent than many of our other blue cheeses.

The goat milk used in this recipe comes from a herd that browses seasonally near the banks of the Rogue River very near to our Dairy Farm. These goats enjoy the same forage as do our cows, including native grasses, clover, and blackberry. This natural, pasture-based diet produces milk that expresses the “Flavor of the Rogue.”

You May Want To Add:

Appearance: Ivory paste with distinctive green-blue veins of mold

Texture: Semi-soft texture with distinct crunch from brushite crystals 

Taste: Bold, robust blue flavor with a bright, citrus finish from the tangy goat’s milk

Suggested Pairings:

  • For a cheese plate, serve simply with wine and full flavored charcuterie meat, such as Olympia Provisons Chorizo Rioja 
  • This blue needs a fruit forward red like a Zinfandel to match its delicate flavor or a Viognier with herbaceous, floral tones. Also try Cabernet Franc or a peppery Cabernet Sauvignon.

Key Details:

  • A unique regional blend of cow & goat milk
  • All natural grass-based whole cow milk
  • Milk is certified sustainable & rBST/rBGH FRE
  • Vegetarian-friendly and gluten free
  • Aged a minimum of 180 days, released to taste
  • Bright & fruity

Shelf Life: 6 months

Suggested Storage: Keep refrigerated at 38°– 40° F

Milk type: Certified sustainable cow & goat milk

Rennet: Organic, vegetarian, Kosher, and GMO-free microbial enzyme

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes, cultures and Penicillium roqueforti 

2017 American Cheese Society Competition: 1st  Place (Rindless Blue Mold Cheese with Mixed Milk)

2016 American Cheese Society Competition: 2nd Place (Rindless Blue Mold Cheese with Mixed Milk)

2016 Wold Cheese Awards: 2nd Place (Mixed Milk Blue Cheese)

2014 World Cheese Awards: 3rd Place (Mixed Milk Blue Cheese)

2010 American Cheese Society Competition: 1st Place (Blue Cheese Mixed Milk)

2008 World Cheese Awards: 1st Place (Mixed Milk Cheese)

2008 World Dairy Expo Championship: 1st Place (Mixed Milk Cheese)

2008 American Cheese Society Competition: 1st Place (Mixed Milk Cheese)

2007 American Cheese Society: 1st Place (Mixed Milk Cheese)



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