Rogue River Blue Deluxe Upgrade Pack



Add this Deluxe Upgrade Pack to your order for an over-the-top indulgent Rogue River Blue experience! This new addition will certainly send you over the moon with unique, sweet and savory flavor combinations that heighten Rogue River Blue to new levels.

  • One jar of Sable Rosenfeld Bourbon Dark Reserve Cherries: Our favorite boozy cherries to pair with Rogue River Blue. The bourbon enhances the flavor within the cheese from the pear soaked Syrah grape leaves without overpowering, while the cherry adds a sweet fruity note.
  • One box of Organic Rustic Bakery Rosemary Flatbread Bites: We love the earthy flavor combination of rosemary with Rogue River Blue. These crackers celebrate the fall flavors in our Worlds Best Cheese becoming best friends on a cheese plate.
  • One bag Zella’s The Rogue Zella Hazelnuts. A roast specifically curated to pair with our cheeses. If you haven’t had a perfectly roasted Oregon hazelnut, brace yourself.
  • One Rogue River Blue Tasting Booklet. 

Notice: This pack does not contain Rogue River Blue cheese, and the cheese must be purchased separately by clicking here


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