Rogue River Blue Upgrade Pack



Add this upgrade pack to your order for a top-notch Rogue River Blue experience! Fans of last year’s Upgrade Pack will be enjoy the same experience with our 2021 Rogue River Blue

  • One jar of Girl Meets Dirt Pear Cutting Preserves: our favorite spread to serve with Rogue River Blue. The addition of pink peppercorn accents the spicy-sweet notes in the cheese.
  • One box of Effie’s Homemade Original Oatcakes: we tested a variety of different crackers with Rogue River Blue, and these stood out. Their mild, nutty flavor and layered texture is a perfect complement to the cheese.
  • One Rogue River Blue Tasting Booklet. 

Notice: This pack does not contain Rogue River Blue cheese, and the cheese must be purchased separately by clicking here

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