Rogue’s Brilliant Blue Sampler


NOTICE: Due to supply chain shortages, Bow Hill Blueberry confiture will not be included in this gift, and a substitution of a spicy pepper jam will occur if you order this gift. If you do not want the spicy pepper jam, please wait to place your order until this disclaimer is removed.

Our best-selling gift celebrating what we are known for, Organic Blue Cheeses! This pack will give you a taste of 5 of our distinct blue cheeses that we have paired with our favorite accompaniments for blue cheese, sure to make you feel anything but blue. 

Items include: 4.2oz Oregon Blue, 4.2oz Caveman Blue, 4.2oz Crater Lake Blue, 4.2oz Smokey Blue, 4.2oz Bluehorn Blue, 2.4oz Blue Heaven Shaker,  Bow Hill Blueberry Confiture , and an Alter Eco Sea Salt 70% Dark Bar. 



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