Committed to our Community

From volunteering, to sponsoring local and independent arts, to donating cheese to local schools and food pantries, we aim to make a positive impact here in the Rogue Valley. With regard to our community contributions, our core goals are to alleviate hunger, increase access to education, and build awareness of the benefits of sustainable and organic agricultural practices.

Every fall, members of our team vote on our Top 10 Charities. The chosen organizations receive financial donations from our business in the following calendar year.

In addition, Rogue Creamery gladly donates gift certificates or products to support many local and regional fundraisers. Do you have an organization or an event for which you are requesting donations? Please read on for more information.

Donation Requests

Looking for a cheesy donation for your event or cause? Please fill out the form below.

To be considered for a Rogue Creamery donation, your community group or event must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization—your EIN must be included in your request
  • Cannot be affiliated with any specific religious organization
  • Cannot be organized in support of a specific politician or political affiliation

Preference is given to groups and events that strive to alleviate hunger and homelessness, support local youth, and advocate for agricultural and farming education.

Requests should be received four to six weeks before the fundraising event to allow time for review and processing.

    How would you prefer to receive this donation?

    If you prefer, you can mail your donation request to the following address. Please include all of the information outlined in the form above.

    Attn: Donation Requests
    Rogue Creamery
    P.O. Box 3606
    Central Point, OR 97502