La Di Da Lavender Cheese

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Organic lavender blossoms grown in Southern Oregon are added during the cheesemake process, infusing the buttery curds with earthy, floral flavors.

Finding the perfect balance when cooking with lavender is challenging, and we like to think we hit a sweet spot with this cheddar. Many customers agree: this cheese enjoys a cult following among Rogue Valley locals!

Appearance: pale yellow-white with flecks of grey and purple lavender blossoms throughout

Texture: Moderately firm and sliceable, with a creamy, smooth finish

Taste: Floral, earthy lavender flavors complement the buttery, slightly tangy notes of a classic cheddar


  • This cheese shines on a dessert platter, particularly alongside chocolate and honey. It also adds a unique quality to shortbreads and scones.
  • We most enjoy this cheese alongside sweet dessert wines such as Late Harvest Viognier or Eiswein.

Key Details:

  • Aged a minimum of 30 days
  • Made with Organic Oregon-grown lavender blossoms 
  • Hand cut and hand milled cheddar
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth 
  • Vegetarian-friendly  and gluten free 
  • Milk is rBST free

Shelf Life: 9 months 

Suggested Storage: Keep refrigerated at 38°-40° F

Ingredients: Certified Organic pasteurized whole cow’s milk, Organic Oregon-grown lavender blossoms,  salt, enzymes, cheese cultures   

Milk type: Certified Organic pasteurized cow’s milk 

Rennet:  Organic, vegetarian, and GMO-free microbial enzyme 

  • 2009 American Cheese Society: 3rd Place (Flavor Added Cheddar)

3 reviews for La Di Da Lavender Cheese

  1. Nancy Matz (verified owner)

    I love Lavender cheese and it is so difficult to find. So I just order a bunch and pop in the freezer until I get an uncontrollable urge to eat some. Delicious!

  2. Cheesie Guinie

    THIS CHEESE. Have you ever seen a field full of Lavender? It’s beautiful. Especially during a summerly sunset. The sky is pink and orange, with a slight overcast. It’s a very calming view. Can you picture it? Okay, Good. Now go into the field and eat the lavender. Yes. Eat it. Eat the plant from the field and enjoy the opulent sunset. They packed this feeling into the La Di Da Lavender Cheddar. I don’t know how Cheddar was able to absorb this feeling.. But they found a way. You will NOT regret your decision with this cheese. Pair it with the Organic Flatbread Bites and you have a certified snack. I would give this Cheddar 6 stars if I could.

  3. Jill Weddle (verified owner)

    I LOVED this cheese!! It has a great flavor! Just ordered more.

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