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At the 2019/20 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy, a panel of over 250 of the world’s foremost cheese connoisseurs selected Rogue River Blue as the World Champion Cheese – a first for an American-made cheese.

Rogue River Blue is produced seasonally each fall with the finest organic cows milk from Southern Oregon. After cave-aging nearly a year, each wheel is hand-wrapped in Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear liqueur. Availability is highly limited.

We look forward to celebrating this year’s autumnal release of Rogue River Blue on September 23, 2024. Please enter your email address below to be notified when Rogue River Blue wedges and wheels are available for Presale purchase.

World Champion

Rogue River Blue

(44 customer reviews)

From: $80.00

From: $80.00

As fall comes to the Rogue Valley, cooler temperatures and wet weather bring renewed growth to the pastures. This is when our cow’s milk is at its best – and it’s only during these months that we make our limited edition, seasonal Rogue River Blue – a cheese named World Champion at the 2019/20 World Cheese Awards. After 9 to 11 months of careful tending in our aging caves, our team hand-wraps each wheel in organic, biodynamic Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear spirits. On the Autumnal Equinox each year, we celebrate the release of the year’s new Rogue River Blue Cheese.

Please Note: those ordering whole wheels of Rogue River Blue this fall may notice the absence of raffia, which we have used in the past to tie up each wheel. As we can no longer source this element sustainably and it was used for purely aesthetic purposes, we have temporarily removed it from our packaging as our team seeks to source a suitable alternative.


Appearance: Grape leaves encase an antique linen-hued paste with toile-style bluing

Texture: Fudgy and rich, with calcium lactate crystals that develop with age

Taste: Pear brandy, vanilla, toffee, truffle, and fig, with pronounced “blue” flavor

Suggested Pairings:

  • Needing no accompaniment, Rogue River Blue shines spectacularly when on its own or with a simple fruit compote. Added to salads or meats, it lifts cuisine to new heights and offers chefs an opportunity to integrate its wealth of complex flavors into their dishes.
  • Choose wines of age and distinction: Viognier, classic French or German Gewurztraminers, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Sauternes are favorite pairings. Hazelnut Porter or Chocolate Stout bring out nuanced, earthy and nutty flavors, as do pear brandy, whiskey, and bourbon.

Key Details:

  • Wrapped in Syrah grape leaves that are soaked in pear spirits
  • Aged a minimum of 9-12 months
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
  • Vegetarian-friendly and gluten free
  • Milk is rBST free

Shelf Life: 180 days

Suggested Storage: Keep refrigerated at 38°– 40° F

Milk type: Certified Organic pasteurized cow’s milk

Rennet: Organic, vegetarian, Kosher, and GMO-free microbial enzyme

Ingredients: Certified Organic pasteurized whole cow milk, salt, enzymes, cheese cultures, Penicillium Roqueforti, grape leaves, organic pear liqueur.

2019/2020 World Cheese Awards: World Champion Cheese

2018 Specialty Food Association sofi Awards: Gold (Cow’s Milk Cheese)

2016 Good Food Awards: 1st Place (Cheese)

2015 American Cheese Society Competition: 2nd Place Silver (Rinded Blue-Veined)

2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest: Best in Class (Blue-Veined Cheese)

2013 American Cheese Society Awards: 1st Place (Rinded Blue-Veined Cow’s Milk)

2012 World Cheese Awards: SuperGold (Best American Cheese)

2011 American Cheese Society Competition: Best in Show

2010 American Cheese Society Competition: 2nd Place (Blue-Veined)

2009 American Cheese Society Competition: Best in Show

2009 American Cheese Society Competition: 1st Place (Blue-Veined)

2009 American Cheese Society Competition: 2nd Place (Blue-Veined) — for Mini Rogue River Blue

2008 World Championship Cheese Contest: 3rd Place (Blue, Exterior Molding)

2007 American Cheese Society Competition: 2nd Place (Blue Cheese)

2006 NASFT Outstanding Product Line Award

2006 World Cheese Awards: 2nd Place (Blue, External Mold)

2004 World Cheese Awards: 1st Place (Blue, External Mold)

2004 World Cheese Awards: 1st Place (Blue made outside of UK) 

2003 World Cheese Awards: Best Blue Cheese in the World

2003 World Cheese Awards: Best American Cheese

44 reviews for Rogue River Blue

  1. Mary Kaland

    Sinfully delicious! I ate 1/4 of it before we managed to get it completely unwrapped! My friends are getting smaller cuts! A real treat for the cheese lover! I totally agree with sonmikepj’s review. Next year I am ordering more.

  2. sonmikepj (verified owner)

    When a blue collar factory shift worker consumes four wheels of Rogue River Blue in one calendar year, some serious questions get asked. My two most common responses are; “Yes, it really is that good”, and, “Because it’s worth it”. My goal here is to always have Rogue River cheeses in the refrigerator from now on, because Rogue River Blue is one of the ingredients that can raise the taste of a favorite meal from excellent to decadent.

  3. JH

    For years my family gets alittle for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its a special treat to look forward to. Congrats on the accolades, well deserved. Its a remarkable cheese.

  4. sonmikepj (verified owner)

    I bought a quarter and thought it would last me a few months. Three weeks later I bought a full wheel. Living in Iowa, I used to support Maytag for decades until they were bought out. Now Rogue is my new cheese supplier and in my opinion this stuff truly is the worlds finest blue cheese. A five for the cheese and a two for the FedEx day late, dollar short policy

  5. Sara

    My husband and I have been on a mission to find the best tasting bleu cheese. It’s been a fun and tasty quest. We thought we had it narrowed down to our favorite few, and then Rogue River showed up at our local grocery store. This cheese is exceptional in every way. Thank you, Rogue Creamery, for making our quest so delicious!!! This is the best we have had!!! It’s an award winner in our books, too!

  6. Michael Gialketsis

    Congrats on a truly amazing cheese! Wow! We have shared with many friends and without exception everyone agreed the cheese is remarkable. My mouth is watering just writing this! Ha! Thank you!!

  7. Brian Hull (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved blue cheese, and had no idea so much flavor could be blended into it. Absolutely incredible cheese, certainly the finest in the Roquefort or blue cheese family I’ve ever tasted; no comparison. Congratulations!

  8. Bill Foster

    Fantastic Blue cheese like I have never had before.

  9. npsalum86

    Holy Cow! You have not tasted blue cheese until you taste Rogue River. No rivals. None! What more can I say?
    It is well known among archeologists this cheese was actually available during the times of Egyptian pharaohs. Every mummy would be buried with not only many jewels but a cheese knife, cutting board and pound of Rogue River Blue Cheese in their sarcophagus. Those burial chambers raided by grave diggers have been found with all the gold jewelry intact. But the pound of Rogue River Blue Cheese, gone!
    But of greater astonishment, those sarcophagus found undisturbed were also missing their Rogue River Blue Cheese.

  10. Gwainevere Hess

    Warning: This cheese is addictive.,, so much pleasure in each bite. I preordered half a wheel and now waiting for the general release so that I can purchase for friends. Suggest trying it with grilled peaches, a drizzle of honey topped with roasted hazelnuts YUM!

    Congratulations -This year’s released may be better than last year’s

  11. JoAnn Leo

    I am eating this with a spoon like ice cream. Absolutely delicious.

  12. Tony Vincent

    I purchased the entire wheel / block of Rogue River Blue on Sat, Nov 2, 2019. The cheese had just been awarded the “Best Cheese in the World” title. Of course me and everyone in the world just had to order some so the delay in shipping was understandable.

    The cheese was sublime. Creamy, nutty, downright decadent! I shared it with friends who just loved it. They lovingly referred to it as the “crack” of blue cheeses!

    I wanted to order it again in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and of course it’s sold out! Keep me posted please!

  13. RF Barnes (verified owner)

    An amazing blue cheese! The quarter wheel did not last long as the family enjoyed it immensely and kept asking for blue cheese every evening until it was gone.

    Not only was the blue cheese amazing but so was the customer service from Rogue Creamery.

  14. Tom Van Otteren

    Just had the opportunity to taste this. My first reaction was the exact phrase out of Stanley Tuccis’ mouth in his Italian food series, which he uttered about once a minute. “Oh my god!”. Nothing I’ve ever had compares to Rogue River Blue. Bravo!!!

  15. Sherrie Saunders

    I so enjoyed reading ALL about this amazing “Best in the World Rogue Blue” and REALLY WANT to try it in 2021!! This Rogue Blue would be a very special purchase for us. I am a little concerned about ordering and the Blue not arriving to WISCONSIN in a timely fashion with the Blue substance and flavors as they should be. Is there an assurance or insurance to cover loss in the event it is “melted”?
    Thank YOU,
    Sherrie Saunders

    • Marguerite Merritt

      Hello Sherrie! We ship to all 50 states regularly, so will not have any issues shipping you your cheese. All our boxes are packed with insulation and gel packs, and we have run temperature tests which conclude that, in the vast majority of instances (including in the hot summer months), our cheeses stay within a desirable temperature range throughout the duration of their transit when shipped using 2-day shipping (the most economical shipping option that we offer). However, if you want extra assurance, you are more than welcome to opt for overnight shipping rather than 2-day. Thank you and have a good day!

  16. Catherine Kayser (verified owner)

    This blue did not disappoint. I ordered another wedge for a foodie friend for the holidays and she loved this gift. It deserves the award for best cheese in the world. Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations.

  17. Romy

    Now, I’ve never cried over a cheese before, but this cheese sparked a few. Wonderfully complex, with delightful crystals and a phenomenal blue flavor. I received a few fantastic Christmas gifts this year, but the cheese tops the list as the best.

  18. Tina M Hallquist

    I have always loved Blue Cheese!! Well… I just tested the best Blue Cheese ever. It’s Rogue Blue!! I’m in love. ❤❤❤

  19. Sean Patric

    Congratulations This is a world-class cheese -flavor- texture -creaminess -extremely mild absolutely delicious…… A must have if you are a cheese lover this will be my second purchase need one for the New Year FABULOUS !!!!!!

  20. Rick Fletcher (verified owner)

    Received a quarter wheel in North Carolina the day before Thanksgiving to share with family. We enjoyed it immensely last year. The package arrived with hard gel packs all the way around. We all felt this year’s edition was better than last year! We enjoyed the creamier texture without the crystals that we experienced last year, and we felt the cheese was more flavorful. So much going on with the cheese and its wrapper. Already anticipating next holiday season!

  21. Scott

    I was picking up a completely different cheese at our grocery store and the lady setting out the cheese raved about it as we tlked about hat elese to get and she even had some back story on it, enough to make it an intriguing buy.

    So worth the money. The flavor is complex but not overwhelming as some blue cheese can be. The crystals we wondrous and this is by far the best blue I have had in a long time, if not the best.

  22. David Nelson (verified owner)

    I found this for the 1st time last year and was amazed. I pre-ordered a whole wheel this year, so I could give it as (early) Christmas gifts. Everyone who has received it has been ecstatic about it – informing me that I am good to go every year with this gift. So, thanks for the amazing cheese AND for making my future Christmas shopping a breeze!

  23. Fernando Lana

    Outstanding, sublime, divine and out of this world! My taste buds went rogue in an adventure of delightful experience.

    Thank you.

  24. Todd Rollin

    Every bite of this miraculous creation unleashes new surprises, particularly when paired with fruit, a dessert wine or sherry. I hadn’t tasted this Blue in a year or so until today, and was immediately reminded how it brings so many shades of subtle flavors together, harmoniously, to make what in my experience is an unequaled flavor experience – blue, or otherwise. Thank you for continuing to produce it, and produce it at such a high level of execution.

  25. Phillip

    I have had an association with blues for decades as a family tradition was of partaking in a homemade blue cheese dip at gatherings for the holidays for decades.
    It has led me to frequently purchase and enjoy blues throughout my life and travels.
    I was excited to taste the Rogue River Blue and found it to be the most distinctive Blue I have ever tassted. Simply delicious and deserving of all the accolades.
    I recommend this to any. We paired it with a late harvest Saterne and it was wonderful!

  26. Sharon Pearson

    We received our 2 quarters of Rogue River Blue on Sept. 4, as promised. I promptly emailed Rogue River Creamery to advise them that the cheese was somewhat melted, 1 quarter more than the other. It was delivered about 9:30 am and I got it within 5 minutes of it being delivered. I immediately put it in the refrigerator. The packaging was an silver insulated box with 4 ice packs in it and some brown crinkled paper. The ice packs were 100% warm and the brown crinkled paper did not look like it had ever gotten wet, like it would have if ice packs melted.
    The Creamery just said it was received during the time it was scheduled so there was no recourse, so basically too bad for the $160.00. Very Dissapointed! Either their packaging is flawed or FedEx failed miserably!
    Even after a few days in the refrigerator cheese was not good.
    We had bought some at a store last year and it was very good.
    Just letting other people who had similar experiences that they were not alone!

  27. Marlene McNiece

    Amazing taste! We shared with a cheese-aficionado friend and she was blown away by the depth of flavor and the smooth creaminess. As were we. I’ve always loved blue cheese, and this is the best I’ve ever tasted.

  28. Sharon Pearson

    We received our cheese within the two days, but it was delivered warm, even at 9:30 in the morning, Sept 4. Does not feel like it was ever chilled in the shipping container. Both quarter wheels were melted, one more than the other. We refrigerated them for a couple of days and were very disappointed in the outcome.
    We bought some at a store last year and it was very good. Will never order it this way again.
    I was not going to send a review, as I was so disappointed. But figured I should let others know they were not alone. I did send an email when order was received.

  29. Svilen A Ivanov

    I had this last year and it was so amazing. The little crunchy particles says it’s no ordinary cheese. I ordered it this year too and I’m buying wine with it too.

  30. Lawrence M. Blotzer

    Not as good as last year’s.
    Just (2 Oct 2020) bought some from Whole Foods in Portland ($42.99/lb).
    It’s good but not like last year’s which was a flavor bomb and had these neat crystals through out the cheese. Maybe it needs to be aged more?
    I’ll buy some more later in the month to give it another try but my current purchase disappointed me and was definitely not worth the price.

  31. Steve Ward

    Without doubt, the finest blue I’ve ever eaten. The texture, the flood of sweet, salty, fruit and creaminess made this one of the most enjoyable eating sensation ever experienced. I bought a wheel last year and shared and will do the same this year. The pleasure was all mine!

  32. Antonio Maggiore

    This is more than a cheese; it’s an experience! If you have the privilege of savoring this cheese, you are very fortunate. Check out the “Awards” section to get a glimpse into the well-deserved recognition it has received dating back to 2003. The flavors are complex and range from salty, to nutty, to sharp, and delicate at the same time. If you read the flavor profile, you will find all those complex flavors in the cheese. The textures enhance the experience; the creaminess of the cheese and the texture of the edible grape leaves affect the experience and add another layer to it. When it comes to a blue cheese, this has to be the king of them all. Very highly recommended!

  33. phillip

    I am not a blue cheese fan, but thought i would see what the “best cheese in the world” taste like. My expectations were so high i purchased a full wheel.

    The cheese arrived a day late was was so warm it was almost a “mush” texture. The pear liquor appeared to absorbed into the cheese. I quickly put in the frig (freezer first 1 hr.) to firm up. After 48 hrs. in the frig i decided to taste.

    I have to say i was deeply disappointed. I questioned myself if the cheese had ruined because it was delivered warm and the liquid was deeply penetrated. I personally will never purchase this cheese again. For those ‘blue cheese lovers” this may be great for you. The only advice i would give is to purchase a small amount. Lesson learned here!

    • Marguerite Merritt

      Hello Phillip, and thanks for your feedback. If FedEx or UPS delivered your cheese late, it’s very possible that its quality degraded as a result – and no amount of refrigeration after-the-fact can reverse that. We apologize for your negative experience and are assessing shipping options to limit these shipping problems, particularly in the summer months when temperature control is most challenging.

  34. Santana Tamarak

    rich and unyielding. great texture. hallucinatory by itself or with scotch. will enjoy for some time to come. thanks

  35. Rene Reed

    My husband ordered this cheese for our anniversary. I’ve always known him to be my Prince Charming. Now I have proof in our fridge. This cheese is smooth and Pungent. The salt crystals always a pleasant surprise. Tonight we had it atop a sous vide steak. Perfection!

  36. Linda

    Unreal! I just had a taste of my new Blue which recently arrived. David, I don’t know how you do it! It is truly amazing!! I’m excited now for the Tasting! Thank you so much!

  37. Matthew Grace

    Having lived in France previously and also having traveled through most of the world… I can say without a doubt that this is the best cheese. And it’s American! With dozens of hidden flavors. Edible at all temperatures and able to be paired with anything, including wine, coffee, nuts, chocolate… It is also extremely versatile. Extremely pleased with my purchase. If you’re on the fence about this cheese, do yourself a favor and just buy it.

  38. Velma

    Congratulations on your world famous cheese!
    We are not cheese connoisseurs, but we had to try your world famous cheese.
    What everyone said is true, it has so many flavors and is absolutely delicious.
    What a nice treat!
    Thank you,
    Velma & Jaye (Tucson, Arizona)

  39. Robert & Catherine

    Oh my God!! We just tasted our Rouge River Blue!! AMAZING!! Like cheese candy. We will be ordering again for next year. Keep up the outstanding work.

  40. Joe (verified owner)

    Best Blu ever. Not too creamy and not too hard. Just the right texture.
    The taste is crazy good. Your tongue buds will thank you.

  41. Barbara Duncan

    We just received our highly anticipated wedge of Rogue River Blue. Oh, was it worth the wait! Totally surpassed all expectations! It’s so creamy and every bite is a surprise. So many flavors. The grape leaves wrapping it are good too, and the pink part on the edges is flavorful. We were going to share it, but I’m not sure it will last till we visit them. Thank you for a scrumptious blend of flavors. Can’t wait till next time!

  42. Robert McGoldrick

    This cheese is magnificent! The rich flavors of blue with the smooth creaminess of a soft cheese. Definitely worthy of the title “best cheese in the world!” Just wish I had more right now!

  43. Julie Gates

    First and foremost,

    Congratulations on your award winning cheese!!! I’m sure you’re proud and excited to hold that prestigious title. And hard work pays off. As we are on standby during covid is how I discovered your cheeses. I’m seeking out the finer experiences in life and appreciate those who work hard for great reward. Now you’ve done the work and we get to taste the rewards. I would love to try it and know that you are out. I sit patiently in texas til you have more available.

    Just wanted to say Congrats!

    PS. Which should I try while waiting for Rogue River Blue?

    • Marguerite Merritt

      Hello Julie – and thank you for your kind words. We are so grateful for the support of the artisan cheese community and customers like you!! While you wait, we recommend trying Oregon Blue. This is the original blue cheese recipe we’ve been using since 1953, and the one on which the Rogue River Blue recipe is based. Just a few more weeks until we start shipping out Rogue River Blue!

  44. Carrie Edgerton

    Very creamy. Each taste gave a different note. Sweet, salty, fruity, nutty. Very mild blue cheese flavor with delucate notes of pear and hazel nut. Best Blue Cheese I’d ever tasted.

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  • One jar of Girl Meets Dirt Pear Cutting Preserves: our favorite spread to serve with Rogue River Blue. The addition of pink peppercorn accents the spicy-sweet notes in the cheese.
  • One box of Effie’s Homemade Original Oatcakes (Contains: Milk, Wheat.): we tested a variety of different crackers with Rogue River Blue, and these stood out. Their mild, nutty flavor and layered texture is a perfect complement to the cheese.
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  • One jar of Sable Rosenfeld Bourbon Dark Reserve Cherries: Our favorite boozy cherries to pair with Rogue River Blue. The bourbon enhances the flavor within the cheese from the pear soaked Syrah grape leaves without overpowering, while the cherry adds a sweet fruity note.
  • One box of Organic Rustic Bakery Rosemary Flatbread Bites: We love the earthy flavor combination of rosemary with Rogue River Blue. These crackers celebrate the fall flavors in our Worlds Best Cheese becoming best friends on a cheese plate.
  • One bag Zella’s The Rogue Zella Hazelnuts. A roast specifically curated to pair with our cheeses. If you haven’t had a perfectly roasted Oregon hazelnut, brace yourself.
  • One Rogue River Blue Tasting Booklet. 

Notice: This pack does not contain Rogue River Blue cheese, and the cheese must be purchased separately by clicking here.

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This premium Rogue River Blue mug features a wraparound design of the scenic Rogue River that flows through our beautiful valley. Stars on the map indicate our Organic Dairy Farm in Grants Pass, and Cheese Shop in Central Point.


  • Ceramic mug
  • Hand wash only
  • Matte mint green color with Rogue River map design and glossy grey interior



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Item Dimensions: 9.5 inch round board


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This soft, delicate but durable flour sack kitchen towel is printed with illustrations depicting the cheesemaking process for Rogue River Blue cheese, from pasture to platter.


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  • Illustrations by Jim Starr
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 29″ x 28″



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