Preorder Rogue River Blue

Preorder Rogue River Blue

Thank you for your interest in our World Champion cheese, Rogue River Blue. This special, seasonal cheese is produced in limited quantities. To ensure that our loyal fans are able to enjoy our new vintage of 2021 Rogue River Blue Cheese, we are now offering Rogue River Blue for Preorder through the form below.

Your Preorder is like a “reservation” – it is not a binding purchase, and we are not collecting payment or shipping information at this time. We will simply reserve your requested quantities for you. Please use this form to reserve all of the Rogue River Blue you plan to purchase – even if you plan to place multiple orders. You will be notified when we are ready to begin taking payment and schedule delivery.

Why Preorder?

  • Guaranteed early access to the World’s Best Cheese.
  • Preorder customers get special perks. For example, if we have a limited amount of Rogue River Blue to sell later in the season, we offer it to our Preorder customers first before the general public.
  • PLUS: the first 500 customers to place a 2021 Rogue River Blue Preorder through the form below will receive a special gift with their Rogue River Blue purchase. (Update: this milestone has been reached! If you placed a preorder on 6/29/21, you may be one of our first 500 preorder customers. If so, you will receive an email about how to redeem your gift.)

Preorder FAQ

How do I change my preorder?

Simply fill out the form again for the total amount you wish to reserve. The wedge and wheel quantity values you enter will be automatically updated in our tracking system.

Please note: if you submit the form more than once, your totals are not cumulative! We will only save the quantities you request in your most recent form submission. Thus, please ensure that when you resubmit the form to edit your order, you are entering the total number of wedges and wheels that you plan to purchase.

When will I receive my preordered Rogue River Blue Cheese?

You will receive an email from us in August with a link to officially place your order(s) for your preordered cheese. At this time, you will provide payment information, shipping information, and select a shipping date. We expect to begin shipping Rogue River Blue to preorder customers in early September.

How do I pay for my preordered cheese?

We are not yet accepting payment for Rogue River Blue. Please look for an email from us in early August with a link to officially purchase your cheese and schedule delivery.

Can I place more than one preorder?

Your preorder is tied to your email address, and we can only accommodate one preorder per email. Please place a single preorder for all the cheese you intend to purchase, even if you plan to make multiple purchases / ship cheese to multiple different addresses. This is not an official order – it’s just our way of reserving your cheese for you!

Can I purchase a different size wedge?

We only offer Quarter Wheels (approx. 19oz) and Whole Wheels (approx. 76oz) of Rogue River Blue through

How can I see what I preordered?

Check your email! Every time you fill out our Preorder Form, you will receive an automated email from Rogue Creamery with the subject line: “Preorder Confirmation.” This email contains your requested preorder quantities.

(If you fill out the form more than once, only the most recent submission will be recorded in our system. Thus, only the most recent Preorder Confirmation Email contains your accurate preorder details.)

If you don’t see this email arrive within 10 minutes of submitting the form, please check your Spam and Junk folders.

Have additional questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Pre-Order Rogue River Blue

Rogue River Blue Preorder Form

Please reserve the total number of wedges and wheels you plan to purchase, even if you intend to place multiple orders (e.g. to ship cheese to multiple addresses.) If you fill out the form multiple times with the same email address, we will only save the quantities you have submitted most recently.

    Quarter Wheel ($75)
    Whole Wheel ($235)
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