The Picnic Pack


This summertime selection features Caveman Blue Cheese, and Rogue’s Mary Herbed cheese, Touvelle Original cheese paired with Petite Pierre Pepperrettes from Olympia Provisions and Top Seedz crackers for a satisfying crunch. No need for a picnic basket as this set comes with our NEW Flora Cow Insulated Cooler Bag, ensuring your cheeses stay fresh no matter where your outdoor adventures take you.

• Caveman Blue Cheese (6.5oz wedge)
• Touvelle Original Cheese (8oz block)
• Rogue’s Mary Herbed Cheese (8oz block)
• Petite Pierre Pepperettes from Olympia Provisions (2oz)
• Top Seedz Crackers (gluten free)(1.5oz)
• Flora Cow Insulated Cooler Bag


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