Bluehorn Blue Cheese

Coming Soon: Our 2023 Spring Limited Release

Wine-Soaked Decadence

With its rich, creamy, and fruity profile, Bluehorn blue cheese is a distinctive and luxurious addition to any cheese board.

After extended cave-aging, each wheel is soaked in red wine made from organic, biodynamic Syrah grapes grown in Southern Oregon at award-winning Troon Vineyard. The wine’s bright berry and plum notes enhance fruity flavors naturally found in the cheese, and it lends a distinctive blush to the rind to make this cheese an attractive standout on a grazing board. Bluehorn Blue was honored with a Super Gold medal at the 2022 World Cheese Awards, placing among the top 96 cheeses in the world.

Production on Bluehorn is limited. We will be offering a Spring Release of Bluehorn in March 2023 for cheese shops, retailers, and restaurants. Please inquire with your sales representative or reach out directly to to be notified with updates about its availability.

Fun fact: we selected Bluehorn’s red wine from Troon Vineyard’s Block 14, where the Syrah grape vines are particularly vigorous due to a gravelly soil type. In Block 14, the ground heats up more quickly in the spring and summer months, resulting in a riper, denser, and more fruit-forward wine with deep garnet-purple pigmentation. These exact same vines also provide their leaves to wrap our World Champion cheese, Rogue River Blue.