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Cheese Is Love is an extra-mature cheddar that has aged about 3 years. Sharp, nutty, and complex, it’s the perfect addition to your cheese and charcuterie platter. Pair it with a supple, medium-bodied red wine or a malty amber ale.

All proceeds go towards feeding those in need in Southern Oregon! For every block you purchase, we donate the same amount to food banks in our community. Click here to learn more about Cheese Is Love!

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Ingredients: USDA Certified Organic Pasteurized Cow Milk, Salt, Enzymes and Cheese Cultures.


Appearance: Pale yellow-white

Texture: Moderately firm, with a slight calcium lactate “crunch” and a tendency to crumble due to extended aging

Taste: Nutty, sweet, and sharp


  • While delicious when grated into a casserole or bowl of chili, we most enjoy this nuanced, aged cheese on a cheese plate alongside dried fruit, nuts, and cured meat.
  • This cheddar pairs well with a supple, medium-bodied red wine such as Syrah or a Bordeaux blend. We also love it with a malty amber ale.

Key Details:

  • Aged a minimum of 28 months
  • Hand cut and hand milled cheddar
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth 
  • Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free
  • Milk is rBST free

Shelf Life: 9 months 

Suggested Storage: Keep refrigerated at 38°-40° F

Ingredients: Certified Organic pasteurized whole cow’s milk, salt, enzymes, cheese cultures  

Milk type:  Certified Organic pasteurized cow’s milk 

Rennet: Organic, vegetarian, and GMO-free microbial enzyme 


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